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Kuber Spaces And Estate Consulting (Opc) Private Ltd.

We are real estate brokers into residential and commercial properties. We are Channel Partners with all the A class builders. 

We in turn, own, administer & manages end-to-end sales and broking activities. some of these activities involves promotion, sales, liaison between customer and builder till sales are closed. Apart from sales we support in coordinating with different government agencies to get the property registered. post sales if required by customer help in interior design or carpentry work.

Kuber Office

We assists proprietors with selling a property may likewise be alluded to as a merchant’s representative or posting specialist.At the point when a dealer needs to put their property available to be purchased, they’ll by and large contact a realtor to follow up for their sake. In light of the vender’s wellbeing, the realtor will utilize their insight into the market to value the property, show it and market it to potential purchasers precisely.

In working with merchants, a realtor might play out the accompanying key jobs and obligations:

  • Plan similar statistical surveying examination to lay out a sensible asking cost (past what a web-based assessor can do)
  • Recognize which resources are a property’s top selling focuses for that area, in addition to pinpoint the best places to put cash in upgrades
  • Stage the property to make it interesting to purchasers
  • Photo the property, all around
  • List the property on the nearby Numerous Posting Administration (MLS)
  • Publicize land properties to acquire the consideration of planned purchasers
  • Oversee as well as timetable property appearances and open house occasions

Draft and get ready records, like offers, agreements and shutting articulations

Speak with appraisers, escrow organizations, moneylenders and home investigators